Christine Schoefer is a Berlin-born German American writer and educator who likes to think about everyday life in the larger context of politics and culture. After getting her PhD in Political Science at UC Berkeley (“A Public Voice: Literature and Politics in East Germany”), she wrote on topics ranging from German unification to Holocaust commemoration and Neo Nazis.

Raising three daughters, she wrote essays about a wide range of subjects including family life and parenting, Harry Potter, energy vampires and the history of tea. For the German radio station Westdeutscher Rundfunk, she did interview features with Americans scholars and artists including Art Spiegelman, Ursula Hegi and Michael Rogin.

She lives in Berkeley, California with her husband.

Her just completed memoir Divided is a tale of personal transformation set in divided Berlin and the United States during the Cold War era. 

Christine has written as a freelancer for many US publications, including The Nation, Salon, the San Francisco Chronicle, the LA Times, the Chicago Tribune, California Magazine,  Mothering Magazine, Utne Reader, the Sun, The Monthly, NPR, and Pacific News Service.